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  • Alum in AI: Lilly Chen ’19

    Alum in AI: Lilly Chen ’19

    While Artificial Intelligence isn’t exactly a new technology, its current iteration is certainly a topic of great interest to many. Most people have their opinions on its current applications, and many have predictions about where the technology is taking us. But Lilly Chen ’19 isn’t just talking about AI or typing questions into ChatGPT. She… Read More

  • AI Discussion Remains in Full Force at Colorado College

    AI Discussion Remains in Full Force at Colorado College

    “The faculty, students, and staff of Colorado College are perfectly situated to wrestle with the implications of generative AI. We are a place where learning, research, innovation, ethics, and dialogue intersect. The experts in our interdisciplinary community can lead conversations and projects that interrogate and explore both the foundations and future of AI. As an… Read More

  • Discussing AI With Khaleel Gathers

    Discussing AI With Khaleel Gathers

    As many colleges and universities across the country are scrambling to find solutions and possible blockades to the issues surrounding the use of AI in higher ed, CC is looking at the potential and possibilities of the presence of the technology on campus. Last month, I sat down (virtually) with CC’s VP and Chief Information… Read More

  • Tigers at the Border

    Editor’s note: This story includes an image displaying language that some readers may find objectionable. This summer, three Colorado College alumni – Mazlyn Freier ’23, Alanna Jackson ’23, and Andres Madrigal ’23 – and 15 current students – ­Nico Brubaker ’26, Diana Buda ’24, Alexandra Flores ’26, Corrina Gardner ’25, Daisy Gomez Rivera ’24, Jordan… Read More

  • In the Field: The Detention Facility

    In the Field: The Detention Facility

    When we visited Torrance detention facility owned by CoreCivic, I got to meet Zoe, Dan, and Michelle from Las Americas. They are such a lovely group, and I am excited to work with them more in the future. When we walked in, I immediately started to panic internally. I was entering a literal prison, and… Read More

  • In the Field: The Warrant Forgiveness Clinic

    In the Field: The Warrant Forgiveness Clinic

    A community-centered warrant forgiveness clinic centers members of the community directly impacted by the issue at hand. My project partner, Eve, and I worked closely with an attorney who had experience in this kind of project. They emphasized how important it was to plan and envision our warrant forgiveness clinic through a holistic lens, considering… Read More

  • Activist Reflections

    Activist Reflections

    STUDENTS AND ALUMNI REFLECT ON THEIR SUMMER WITH THE CC ACTIVISM INSTITUTE. ANDRES MADRIGAL ’23 This work is close to me, with many of my family members being undocumented. Unfortunately, the challenges faced by immigrants and those in border communities have not improved in many ways… this internship has opened my eyes to the complexities… Read More

  • What’s next for the CC Activists?

    What’s next for the CC Activists?

    ALANNA JACKSON ’23 As many of my friends and colleagues know, I have been tossing around the idea of attending law school since I was 16 years old. Over the years, my opinion of law and yearning to attend law school have both fluctuated. However, after a conversation with Rebecca (attorney at ACLU), in which… Read More

  • Three Summers of Activism and Beyond

    Three Summers of Activism and Beyond

    Back during J Block* of my sophomore year in 2021, I took a Sociology course called Crimmigration: Criminalization of Immigration, taught by Dr. Rojo. The class specifically focused on dissecting the different immigration policies throughout history and presently in place in the United States, ultimately exposing the racist, violent, and profit-motivated underbelly of the U.S.… Read More