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Discussing AI With Khaleel Gathers

Megan Clancy ’07

As many colleges and universities across the country are scrambling to find solutions and possible blockades to the issues surrounding the use of AI in higher ed, CC is looking at the potential and possibilities of the presence of the technology on campus. Last month, I sat down (virtually) with CC’s VP and Chief Information Officer, Khaleel Gathers, to discuss what AI looks like now and what the future of AI at CC might be.

To start, Gathers spoke to the transition currently happening at Colorado College.

I then asked him, based on his comments about using AI to curate a more personalized experience during a student’s time on campus, if there was a possibility that it could be used as a tool to get specific students to CC in the first place.

While Gathers insists that his expertise is purely in the technological side of AI, he was also willing to share some thoughts regarding many individuals’ concerns about pedagogy and the use of AI in the classroom.

So how is this technology going to affect higher ed?

Beyond an interest in AI, Gathers and I also share a love of sports (specifically basketball). So how might this technology affect sports? For example, when will a coach be able to ask ChatGPT to give them the best offense to beat… oh, I don’t know… Trinity?

To close, I asked him the question that plagues many minds of those who are panicked about extreme eventualities of the technology… Will AI take over and be the end of humanity?

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