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Dear CC Alumni,

Somehow, it’s already Block 3. We have always said that time moves differently at CC; three and a half week jumps at a time. Yet, being back on campus as a staff member, I find myself in the very strange limbo of working on the Block Plan while also working in the “real world.” It can be a challenge, but one that keeps every day interesting.

Being Block 3, campus life is in full-swing, and I am enjoying the energy that comes with all the activities. Friday and Saturday night hockey games have returned to my life and I am loving it. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing so many of you back on campus for Homecoming. I hope everyone who attended had a great time. The highlight event of the weekend for me, as well as for several of you I’m sure, was the Donuts and Skating get-together at Robson Arena. For many of us returning to CC after years away, it was our first time getting to enjoy campus’ newest facility and spend time on the ice with family and friends. And adding in donuts? Hard to beat that! Hopefully those of you who were not able to attend can join us next year.

I hope you enjoy this latest issue of The Peak and our new cover story all about artificial intelligence. Please continue to reaching out to me to share any news or stories you’d like to contribute. I’m always happy to connect with new friends and fellow alums.

Megan (Alexander) Clancy ’07

Editor of The Peak

“Artificial Intelligence: Shaping the Future of Colorado College and Beyond”

Jonathan Mattes-Ritz ’04

I plugged the CC & AI essay prompt into ChatGPT. The first response was incomplete. This was AI’s second attempt.