Beyond CC: Saigopal Rangaraj

Zara Zafar ’27

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Saigopal “Saigo” Rangaraj’s journey from his days at CC to a thriving career as a management consultant at Bain and Company in Denver is one that speaks to the endless hours he spent at the Career Center, his impressive engagement at the college in the form of clubs and research projects, and the everlasting bonds he formulated within CC’s tight-knit community.

Rangaraj’s involvement in the consulting and investment clubs at CC nurtured his interests, offering glimpses into a professional domain that would later become his career.

“My involvement in extracurricular activities at CC was instrumental in getting me the position I have today,” he says.The pivotal moment came during his study abroad experience at the London School of Economics, where he solidified his career aspirations in consulting. He credits the CC Career Center for connecting him to the best opportunities and furthering his career aspirations.“A big shout to CC’s Career Center for real, thank you for truly being the guiding compass in my professional journey.”

Rangaraj’s time at CC was marked by significant personal growth as well. He worked on developing his communication skills through active participation in class activities and extracurricular pursuits. Navigating the Block Plan proved to be a key factor that pushed him to refine his time-management skills. This phase in his life underscores his unwavering commitment to self-improvement. “Being at CC really pushed me towards having this mindset of continuously wanting to grow and learn more things every day,” he says.

“DEI is a topic where I think it is important to continue to push yourself and continue to learn more. It is an area for which a course isn’t enough.”

Saigopal Rangaraj

Community engagement played a profound role in shaping Rangaraj’s character and values. He passionately participated in CC’s Model United Nations club, the John Quincy Adams Society, and served as a Community Engaged Scholar, reflecting his dedication to contributing positively to the community. During his time at CC, his work with organizations such as Beyond Carbon underlined his commitment to making a real impact on the world around him. He was part of the team that closed down the Martin Drake power plant in Colorado Springs, and explains, “That experience and project is something I am incredibly grateful and proud to have been a part of.” Rangaraj also displayed a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in his role as a Butler Center Ambassador and a Resident Assistant. He remains dedicated to learning and realizing positive change. “DEI is a topic where I think it is important to continue to push yourself and continue to learn more. It is an area for which a course isn’t enough.” He talks about a DEI course he’s currently taking at work, “It includes multiple themes and talks about how different people coming together is a strength for business and how to navigate the challenges around diverse workplaces.”

However, the college journey is rarely without its challenges. For Rangaraj, the Covid-19 Pandemic posed significant obstacles, forcing him to be away from home for an extended period. “It was tough but the people that I had, my friends who became family, really made the difference,” he says. The lesson he learned during this time was the importance of building strong connections and remaining open to forging new friendships. “The biggest takeaway here is the importance of not being closed off to meeting new people and forming new bonds.”

When asked to give advice to current students, Rangaraj responds with, “I always hate advice because everyone is so different. There is no one size fits all answer.” But upon some persistence, we unearth some valuable titbits from his journey at CC. His advice to current students is clear and actionable. “Embrace the present. Cherish moments with friends, and maintain a flexible eye on the future.” He emphasizes the importance of enjoying your college experience while incorporating a certain amount of planning and regard for the future in your life. He encourages students to step out of their comfort zone and explore areas they haven’t before. “I think taking courses in a wide variety of disciplines lends itself well to be being a well-rounded person.”

In his current role as a management consultant at Bain and Company, Rangaraj finds immense satisfaction in being part of a team that solves intricate business problems. His career isn’t just a job, but rather a journey of personal and professional growth. He maintains his dedication to sustainability in the work he currently does, drawing in on his experiences at CC. Despite the time commitment it demands, he finds the work fulfilling. In his words, “one of the trade-offs of this job is sacrificing a lot of my free time, which means the job has to be gratifying for me to do it. And I also get to travel a lot.”

“CC’s alumni network played a crucial role in my journey. It not only helped me secure my current position but also enabled me to expand my circle of friends and supporters.”

Saigopal Rangaraj

CC provided Rangaraj with an excellent foundation. Even though not all the coursework was directly applicable to his current role. “Despite not being business specific, a lot of courses at CC taught me skills that are super important in the professional world,” he says. The critical thinking and communication skills he honed have been invaluable in navigating the intricacies of the corporate world. Looking ahead, Rangaraj has plans to pursue an MBA, a goal he attributes in part to the support he received from CC’s Career Center and faculty. Yet, he allows, nothing is set in stone. “Life’s journey can take unexpected turns, you know.”

The intimacy of the CC community continues to be a source of strength and camaraderie for Rangaraj. “CC’s alumni network played a crucial role in my journey. It not only helped me secure my current position but also enabled me to expand my circle of friends and supporters.” He balances work with his role as a pillar for his batchmates, a testament to the tight-knit community that CC fosters. His contributions to the CC community are a testament to his commitment to being a part of the institution’s enduring legacy.

In his final remarks, Rangaraj reminiscences on his time at CC and concludes, “I feel like an old nostalgic adult now that I am not at college, but it was truly a great time. Having the support of faculty and friends while navigating your personal and professional life in a low to no-stakes environment is truly an amazing time. Cherish it the best you can.”

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