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Not Dead Yet! READ MORE »

Sarah Hummingbird (Jill Bennett) celebrated her 80th birthday with son Damien Raffa ’89.


Jay Engeln was the recipient of the 2023 William Holleman Award for Meritorious Service to the United Soccer Coaches Foundation. READ MORE »

Following completion of his term as president of the United Soccer Coaches, the largest soccer coaches association in the world, Engeln took on the challenge of resurrecting the United Soccer Coaches Foundation. Starting with a budget of only $200 in 2001, the Foundation to date has given out over 300 soccer education grants and scholarships to underserved communities totaling over $500,000. Many of the grants, especially in inner-city locations, are also tied to supporting student academic achievement in school. The first grant from the Foundation was actually in partnership with CC and the Taos Pueblo Community Center to help address obesity issues amongst Native American youth through the development of youth recreation programs in their communities. Engeln, former CC soccer coach Horst Richardson, and CC soccer alum Alec Rekow ’87, did soccer coaching clinics for parents supporting the implementation of a youth soccer league for the eight New Mexico pueblos located north of Santa Fe.


Friends from CC’s class of 1976 gathered for the 3rd Annual Tiger Fest in Monteagle, TN. READ MORE »

Bob and Bonnie Miller hosted John and Amy Nulsen, Mark and Gina Golde, and Nancy Weil for a long weekend of hiking, hanging, eating and drinking, and lots of laughter. The group took turns making dinners while visiting, and John and Amy’s daughter and son-in law designed the aprons that say Tiger Fest 2023.


A group of 1977 classmates had a blast in early October 2023 when they met near Estes Park, Colorado. READ MORE »

Both the elk and the turning aspen cooperated beautifully. Pictured left to right: Linda Henn, Patti Freudenburg, Anne Woodward White, and Cheryl (Holmes) and Jay Christoper.


Zimmerman received the Society of Allied Weight Engineers Richard Boynton Lifetime Achievement Award. READ MORE »

Zimmerman has been a long-time supporter of and contributor to the field of Mass Properties Engineering serving both his past employers and the Society of Allied Weight Engineers members. He is a 40-year mass properties engineer veteran, retired Senior Staff Engineer at Lockheed Martin Space Systems, and recognized Mass Properties Expert by his peers and SAWE. He is an ardent advocate of Mass Properties Engineering as a distinct and influential discipline. He has served the society at the chapter office level and Executive Level for nearly two decades, including as SAWE’s International President for two consecutive terms. Robert has created and implemented the SAWE Corporate Membership program which has helped the society financially, and he continues to mentor other members through the Mentoring Program he created for SAWE in 2023 and its members, and by the Technical Forums he instituted starting in 2020.

Pictured: Robert Zimmerman (L) accepts the Richard Boynton Lifetime Achievement Award from SAWE Awards Chairman Robert Hundl (R)


Stockdale was featured in the most recent issue of the online AARP Magazine. READ MORE »

In the article, “Then & Now: Discovering My Mother’s Diary Unlocked Secrets of My Father’s Time as a POW,” Stockdale writes about the recent publication of his memoir and growing up in the home of a POW during the Vietnam War.


Atencio has won the 2023 William L. Keating Outstanding Alumni Award from the DU Strum College of Law. READ MORE »

The University of Denver has named its 2023 DU Law Stars honorees, who will be honored at an awards ceremony on November 10, at Denver Art Museum – Sturm Grand Pavilion.

Licensed for 42 years, Dolores Atencio developed a diverse career within and outside the legal profession and has been an active member of the law school’s alumni community. Atencio is recognized as the national expert on the history of Latina lawyers for her numerous works and creation of the Luminarias Study to identify and produce original empirical data on the first Latina lawyers in the U.S., circa 1880-1980. The Hispanic National Bar Association awarded Atencio the 2021 President’s Award and 2018 Latina Commission Primera Abogada Award. In 2014, she received the prestigious Ohtli Award, Mexico’s highest honor bestowed to non- citizens, and was honored as one of four founders of the National Coalition of Bar Associations of Color.


A group of friends from the class of 1979 recently met up in Durango, CO for their 16th post-CC reunion. READ MORE »

Pictured from left to right: Debbie Parks Palmisane (Burton, OH), Linda Snow Martin (St. Louis, MO), Nancy Levit (Dixon, NM), Sue Sonnek Strater (Portland, OR), Julie Edelstein Best (Padre Island, TX), Kathy Loeb (Lexington, KY).


A group of CC Kappa Kappa Gamma alumni from the classes of 1978-1982 reunited in the Santa Ynez Valley in May 2023, catching up and enjoying the beautiful weather and local wineries. READ MORE »

Pictured left to right: Meg Carpenter Dittemore ’82, Cindy Layton Rosenbloom ’81, Alison McQuay ’82, Megan Smith ’81, Robin McQuay ’78, Ellen Osmundson Allenberg ’80, Nancy Harvey Larson ’80, Sue Altenburn Eisaguirre ’81, Laurie Marvin ’80



Trish and Tracy celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary with a trip to the Grand Canyon. The couple met and got engaged at CC.


A reunion of a different sort… Siegel and Barkley missed their 40th class reunion last October for good reason – they were married on October 8, 2022 with many CC friends in attendance! READ MORE »

Siegel and Barkley met in the first grade and remained classmates through grade school, high school, and at Colorado College. They finally started dating second semester of their senior year at CC and for several years after graduation before parting ways and marrying other people. Siegel and Barkley reconnected after suffering the deaths of their spouses and now look forward to sharing their lives together (and, hopefully, attending the next reunion).

Note: CC graduation and their wedding day weren’t the only times Sue and Charlie walked down the aisle together. They walked side-by-side when they graduated from eighth grade. What a long, strange trip it’s been.

Pictured: Siegel and Barkley (June, 1974 / May, 1982 / October, 2022)

Multiple CC alumni attended the Siegel-Barkley wedding.

Pictured: Standing (L-R) — Kim King Perutz ’80, Karen Gibbens Silberman ’82, Jon Olson ’80. Seated (L-R) — Lynn Peterson Reedy ’82, Charlie Barkley ’82, Sue Walter Barkley ’82, Jeff Kwass ’82. (Also in attendance, but not pictured: Sally Turner ’80, Biff Gentsch ’80 and Christine Hartigan ’82).


June 2023 saw the reunion of six 1985 CC grads in Santa Fe to celebrate a milestone birthday year. READ MORE »

Pictured: (L-R) Tracy (Diedrichs) Salgado, Jean (Carpenter) Butcher, Kathy (Purfield) Wollert, Jill (Forsythe) Bellissimo, Marty Geisler and Jenny Pellerito.


Kim Harrell is currently the Board President of the Colorado Metalsmithing Association having just been reelected for a second 2-year term. READ MORE »

She recently won an award for Mastery of Material and Technique at the Summer Art Market in Denver. Kim is an accomplished silversmith and goldsmith whose work is in several private collections and in the Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art. She would love to hear from local alum in the Denver area!

1987 & 1988

Several CC buddies meet up in Genesee, CO! READ MORE»

Pictured (L to R): Julie Bartos ’87, Pam Bercutt, ’87 and Carrie Battilega Luetzow ’87

1987 & 1988

Several CC buddies meet up in Genesee, CO! READ MORE »

Pictured (L to R): Pam Bercutt ’87, Liz Schmid ’88 and Colley Moe ’88


Townsend was recently named Vice President of Advancement at Milkweed Editions, an independent nonprofit press based in Minneapolis. READ MORE »

Milkweed‘s mission is to identify, nurture, and publish transformative literature, and build an engaged community around it. If you haven’t heard of Milkweed, you may have read or heard about Braiding Sweetgrass, their sleeper bestseller!


Basehart is the 2023 recipient of the Visionary Artist of Taos award from Taos Fall Arts Festival. READ MORE »

Her exhibit “Trashformations, The Recycled Works of Sara St. Lawrence Basehart,” recently on display at Encore Gallery in Taos, NM, was the first-ever exhibit of her work.


Tiger Surprise! READ MORE»

Hoglin was visiting Amherst College and surprised her former CC teammate, Miller, who is now a professor at Amherst. The two spent the morning enjoying coffee and catching up.


Garfield recently had her first piece of written work published in the online publication, Literary Mama. READ MORE »

The piece, “A Time to Build”, reflects on the challenges of taking time to be in the moment with her children in a world where there are never-ending demands on a mother’s time.


In June 2023, Hach was voted Chair of the Board for the international, Washington, D.C.-based non-profit organization, Population Connection. READ MORE »

Population Connection raises awareness of population challenges to the sustainability of our environment and advocates for improved global access to family planning and reproductive health care. Bryce also teaches biology, AP environmental science, and systems thinking at North Yarmouth Academy in Yarmouth, Maine, is a Science Ambassador Fellow with the Centers for Diseases Control, and is a member of the Falmouth, Maine, Town Council.


Dr. Raegan Truax recently published “A Period Piece that Endures: 28 Reflections on Sloughing”. READ MORE »

The piece was co-authored by Alexis Bard Johnson for PRJ: Performance Research Journal 27:8 Special Issue “On Blood”(2023). The article looks at Truax’s Sloughing (San Francisco, 2017), a durational performance during which thirty-five women and genderqueer individuals bleed on plywood boards in public.
Read “A Period Piece that Endures”.


Assoc. Prof. Sandy Pope named Distinguished Faculty 2023-24, Salisbury University. READ MORE »

SALISBURY, MD – “A highly engaged, reflective practitioner who has an exceptional teaching record” and “a passionate and demanding professor” who can “blend research and teaching seamlessly to the benefit of students” have been recognized with this year’s Salisbury University Distinguished Faculty Award.

Drs. Alexander “Sandy” Pope, associate professor of secondary and physical education, and Tim Stock, professor and chair of the Philosophy Department, are the recipients of this year’s prestigious honor, given by faculty to faculty.

“Part of our institution’s mission statement says, ‘Believing that learning and service are vital components of civic life, Salisbury University actively contributes to the local Eastern Shore community and the educational, economic, cultural and social needs of our state and nation,’” said Dr. Laurie Couch, SU provost and senior vice president of academic affairs. “This year, the Faculty Awards and Recognition Committee selected two recipients who strongly exemplify this commitment to civic engagement.”

Dr. Alexander Pope

As director of SU’s Institute for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement (PACE), Pope oversaw the University’s successful application for the Carnegie Foundation’s Classification for Community Engagement, a prestigious distinction that documents campus efforts that display an “excellent alignment among campus mission, culture, leadership, resources and practices that support dynamic and noteworthy community engagement.”

He also helped create SU’s Civic Engagement Across the Curriculum program, teaching more than 60 colleagues how to design courses for community engagement.

A recipient of the University System of Maryland’s Wilson H. Elkins Professorship to expand PACE’s programming, Pope used the opportunity to facilitate the transfer of the National Center for Civic Reflection to SU. The New Student Reflection Initiative is now a major component of SU orientation, providing a meaningful initial learning experience for incoming students.

In addition, overseeing SU’s ShoreCorps Americorps program through PACE, Pope has secured nearly $4 million in funding during the past five years, supporting over 360,000 hours of public service for area governmental and non-profit agencies, and more than $1 million in scholarship funding for program participants.

Pope also spearheads the SU Maryland Holocaust Educators Network and organizes its Summer Institute for Teachers, and has served on a number of SU committees.

Beyond SU, he has been a member and leader of a number of boards and committees for organizations including the National and Maryland councils for the Social Studies, the Jewish Museum of Maryland and the University System of Maryland working group on civic engagement. In addition, he has more than 20 publications and over 60 conference presentations.

More than benefitting the community, Pope’s work helps to provide his students with a meaningful and well-rounded education, according to his nominator, Dr. Doug DeWitt, chair of SU’s Education Leadership Department.

“Through all of his teaching, his service, and his research and scholarly activity … Sandy provides his students with a premier learning experience and influences the next generation of secondary school social studies teachers.”


Nate won the 2023 Colorado Book Award in Science Fiction/Fantasy. READ MORE »

His novel, Conscious Designs, was published in 2022 by Miami University Press. In the book, Eugene, a wealthy paraplegic, must decide whether to preserve his consciousness forever in a digital utopia or suffer the pain tormenting his existence. Yet, the more he learns about digital replication, the more deeply he understands personhood, empathy, and the value of suffering.


In early 2023, Dr. Fowler was selected for two professional distinctions. READ MORE »

He was awarded the Distinguished New Faculty Award from the College of Arts and Sciences at East Tennessee State University, where he is Assistant Professor of Art History, and the Emerging Scholar Distinguished Presentation Award from the Midwest Art History Society.



CC alumni join together at the 2023 Association for Political Theory Conference. READ MORE »

Elliot Mamet ’15, Alex Arellano ’11, and Ella Street ’09 met up at the Association for Political Theory Conference at Union College, Schenectady, NY. The Association for Political Theory was co-founded by CC Associate Professor of Philosophy, Dennis McEnnerney.


The Seattle, weekend-long celebration of the marriage of Emma Johnson ‘13 to Misha Dhar was a CC reunion of sorts. READ MORE »

Pictured: (L-R) Kris Gurnsey Johnson ’74, April Hearne ‘13, Emma Johnson ‘13, Talia Steiger ‘13, and Pat Kennedy ‘74. CC friendships are made to last and span generations! Misha went to Cal Tech, but he’s pretty wonderful too.


Professor Emeritus Eric Leonard of the CC Geology Department has published two papers this year, co-authored by three CC alumni. READ MORE »

The first, “Late Pleistocene glaciation in the southernmost Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico – Chronology and paleoclimate,” was co-authored by Robertson and was published in Volume 9 of Quaternary Science Advances in January 2023. The second, “Chronology and climate of the Last Glacial Maximum and the subsequent deglaciation in the northern Medicine Bow Mountains, Wyoming, USA,” was co-authored by Crawford and Mackall will be published in the upcoming Volume 12 of Quaternary Science Advances in October 2023.


Assistant Professor Scott of the CC Mathematics and Computer Science Department and his former student, Lewinsohn, published a machine learning paper. READ MORE »

The paper, titled Consensus Label Propagation with Graph Convolutional Networks for Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Cell Type Annotation,” was published in the Journal of Bioinformatics in June 2023.


Emma Holmes ’15 and Felix Braun ’15 were married on May 27, 2023 in Woodland, CA and there was a crew of CC alumni in attendance. READ MORE »

A strong showing came from both Wasabi (CC men’s ultimate frisbee) and Big Cats (CC Swim & Dive), among others!

Pictured: Back row (L-R) – Ian Adams ’16, James Shepard ’15, Sandy Hutchinson ’15, Robin Fassett-Carman ’17, Jed Doane ’14, Ben Joseph ’15, Chris Van Dusen ’15, Erin Holmes ’16.

Front row (L-R) – Elle Casey ’17, Matt Zelin ’15, Garrett Cry ’16, Felix Braun ’15, Emma (Holmes) Braun ’15, Carey Colbert ’15, Kelsey (Smith) McGillivray ’15, Emily (Houghton) Pearson ’15, Nathaniel Pearson ’13, Kevin Moss ’15, Felix Pronove ’15.


Audrey and Jonah were happy to bring together a great crew of CC friends to celebrate at their wedding on July 7, 2023 in Estes Park!

Pictured: Back row (from left to right): Sam Elkind ’16, Mira Fisher ’18, Tia Tummino ’16, Beka Adair ’16, Ethan Lavin ’16, Drew Robson ’16, Noah Cutter ’16, Zack Hoppenin ’15, Jessica Badgeley ’15, Caroline Martin ’15, Alison Taylor ’15, Teo Price-Baker ’14. Front row (from left to right): Lizzie Neill ’15, Audrey Wheeler ’15, Jonah Seifer ’16, Kalen Acquisto ’14, Flora Liu ’15, Kayla Fratt ’16, Betsie Hoppenin ’15. Photo by Kalen Jesse Photography.


Beryl Coulter ’16 and Patrick Lynch ’15 were married on April 2, 2023 in Los Angeles, CA. Many former Tigers were in attendance.

CC Alum pictured: Back row (L-R): Will Schube ’15, Ian Horne ’16, James Mauk ’11, Kyle Kallman ’15, Teddy Link ’15, Sumner Crosby ’16, Spencer Miller ’19, Jacob Rockwell ’16, Evan Meister ’16, Eric Neumeyer ’16, Sam Kramer ’15, Ella Weil ’15, Jackson Roos ’15, Jenny Collins ’15, Spencer Collins ’15, Bailey Stockdale ’15 Middle row (L-R): Atticus Lynch ’23, Jack Burger ’15, Rebecca Lavietes ’15, Julia Paley ’15, Meaghan de L’Arbre ’08, Michael Lynch ’11, Molly Lynch ’13, Lily Biggar ’16 Front row (kneeling, L-R): Hamilton Wallace ’15, Nick Ahrens ’15, Justin White ’15, Michael McMenamy ’81, Patrick Lynch ’15, Beryl Coulter ’16


Professor Paul Myrow of the CC Geology Department has published two papers this year, co-authored by three CC alumni: Hasson (presently a graduate student in Geology at Stanford), Ramirez, and Fowlkes. READ MORE »

The first, “Structural control of Cambrian paleotopography and patterns of transgression in western Laurentia” was published in the monthly journal Geology, a high-powered, short-format journal in my field for highly topical science, in March 2023. The second, “Revised Paleozoic depositional history of the central Rocky Mountains (Utah and Colorado)” was published in the journal Sedimentary Geology in May 2023.Both papers concern old rocks exposed within Dinosaur National Monument (all formations are older than the age of dinosaurs, Mesozoic). Both papers also have Chinese geoscientist Jitao Chen, who has spent three stints as a Postdoctoral Fellow at CC, as a co-author as well as co-authors from Yale, Washington University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a Museum in Wales, and a university in Nanjing, China.


A family of alumni gathered to celebrate three generations of CC graduates at Ronan’s Commencement ceremony on Sunday, May 28, 2023. READ MORE »

Pictured: (L-R) Tom Fitzgerald ’57, Ronan Fitzgerald ’23, and Tim Fitzgerald ’85.

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